Acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character—in theatre, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode. … Many actors train at length in specialist programmes or colleges to develop these skills.

Apart from being the world’s second largest garment producing country, India has now emerged as a major destination for those connected with the vast international fashions industry. Indian models are now regulars on international ramps.

Fashion Shows are a frequent occurrence in metros as well as towns and cities big and small. This course aims to train young persons in the various aspects connected with fashion as well as other areas of – modelling, grooming, personality projection, make-up and styling, back stage management, portfolio development, fitness, etc.

The Syllabus:

Ramp walk Lessons and Runway Training:

      • Our practical runway classes will have lecture on walking like a professional model.
      • Learn the latest trends in runway/fashion parades.
      • Ramp walk lessons will cover choreographed routines, model turns and perfecting the model walk.
      • Our runway classes will finish with one’s participation in a real fashion parade!.
      • Learn from the experts! Our runway training sessions are taught by highly experienced professional Runway Director & Models

Finishing Casses: (HOD / Visiting Faculties):

      • Practical Make-up/Beauty Sessions.
      • Deportment, Posture and Body Language.
      • Fashion and Wardrobe.
      • Personal Grooming.
      • Hair Care and Styling.
      • Social and Business Etiquette.
      • Speech Enhancement.
      • Communication Skills.
      • Health and Emotional Well-Being.
      • Approaching Fashion Agencies & Coordinators.
      • Image Consultancy.
      • Dietician & Doctors 

Modelling Tips and Industry Overview:

      • Individual direction on how to prepare for a career as a professional model.
      • Advice and direction regarding reputable modelling agencies, casting and promotional model agencies.
      • How to prepare portfolios and composite cards.
      • Do’s and don’ts of modelling.
      • An insight into showroom and promotional modelling.
      • Knowledge required to get started in the modelling industry.
      • Learn all the latest and most useful modelling tips.
      • Learn how to move, pose and be photographed to ensure the best results.
      • Participate in a professional photographic session (an ideal start for your portfolio).

Model Make-up.

      • Learn how to apply professional model make-up, suitable for future modelling jobs.
      • Contouring and shading techniques taught by a professional make-up artist

Trainers & Delivery Methods:
Our finishing subjects are all highly interactive and practical. Classes are delivered by a team of experienced professionals including:

      • HOD.
      • Image Consultants.
      • Stylists.
      • Professional Make-up Artists.
      • Communication and Voice Trainers.
      • Etiquette Experts.

Experienced models, coordinators and experts from allied industries will comprise the faculty for this three-month, weekend programme.


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The Star’s Film is the only company in India that provides competitive training of international standards in western dance. The company, founded by Mr. Sanjay Khatri in 2010, works towards training kids, young individuals and adults in ballet and contemporary.

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